Fiber Thermoforming Technology

World class Equipment for Sustainable Packaging

At FTT we design and manufacture world-class fiber thermoforming equipment for sustainable packaging. Our machinery, developed over years of R&D, delivers a drastic reduction to both cycle and retooling time, enabling packaging manufacturers to increase throughput, reduce energy consumption and respond quickly to ever-evolving customer needs.

Our mission is to deliver cutting edge technology that drives the world’s transition to environmentally sustainable packaging.


FTT QMC: Quick Mold Change



FTT Chemical-Free Oil Barrier


Technologies and digital services

We work with packaging manufacturers end-to-end delivering turn-key production lines that are customized to their needs and comprehensive customer service. We combine this customer-centric approach with Italian design and manufacturing excellence to deliver best-in-class quality and reliability.

Solutions & Services
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R&D Laboratory and Pilot Testing

We strongly believe in innovation as the driving force to achieve the highest innovation and standards and also to provide our Customers with tailor-made and optimized solutions.


Who We Are

We are an engineering team with expertise on the thermoforming process with a passion for the technology that, after long experience and great success in design and installation of turn-key plants for leading packaging companies, are now excited to offer to the market our technology with innovative solutions to satisfy any costumer’s needs.

About us
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